Vus par les Américains, les journalistes et les médias français, selon les révélations de WikiLeaks

Extraits du câble 07PARIS306 émis le 25 janvier 2007 :

« 17. Top French journalists are often products of the same elite schools as many French government leaders. These journalists do not necessarily regard their primary role as to check the power of government. Rather, many see themselves more as intellectuals, preferring to analyze events and influence readers more than to report events.

18. The private sector media in France – print and broadcast – continues to be dominated by a small number of conglomerates, and all French media are more regulated and subjected to political and commercial pressures than are their American counterparts. The Higher Audio-Visual Council, created in 1989, appoints the CEOs of all French public broadcasting channels and monitors their political content. »

Source :

  • « WikiLeaks : les Américains critiquent la presse française », Emmanuel Paquette,, 9 décembre 2010.


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